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Working location: Lot A3-1, Dai Dong Hoan Son IP, Tien Du, Bac Ninh ( we will move to Minh Quang IP, My Hao, Hung Yen at end of the year – have shuttle bus at Bac Ninh)

Level: Manager

Report to: Site Manager


• Manage & operate production activities in accordance with the company's strategic direction
• Ensure the fulfillment of production plans approved by the Board of Management
Main duties:
1. Planning and Coordination:
o Develop production plans, schedules, and resource allocation to meet production targets.
o Coordinate with other departments to ensure availability of materials, equipment, and manpower as required.
o Monitor production progress and make adjustments to plans as necessary.
2. Team Management:
o Supervise and provide guidance to the production team, including hiring, training, and performance management.
o Foster a positive and productive work environment, encouraging teamwork and continuous improvement.
o Delegate tasks effectively and ensure that employees adhere to safety protocols and production standards.
3. Process Improvement:
o Identify opportunities to optimize production processes and implement strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.
o Analyze production data, identify bottlenecks, and propose solutions to enhance workflow and reduce costs.
o Implement and monitor quality control measures to ensure products meet or exceed established standards.
4. Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
o Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to production, such as output, efficiency, and quality.
o Generate regular reports on production performance, highlighting achievements, challenges, and improvement areas.
o Collaborate with management to develop strategies for meeting production goals and address any performance issues.
5. Health and Safety:
o Enforce and promote adherence to health and safety regulations and best practices.
o Conduct regular inspections to identify potential hazards and implement corrective actions.
o Foster a safety-conscious culture by providing training and ensuring compliance with safety protocols.

Working location: Dai Dong Hoan Son, Tien Du Bac Ninh. Next year, the factory will move to My Hao, Hung Yen (have shuttle bus at Bac Ninh)



• BA degree or higher in Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Mechanical…
• English: Fluency
• MS Office: Ms. Office
• Minimum 7 year experience in Production management, prefer candidate have experience in packaging field
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
• Time Management.
• Organizational Skills.
• People management
• Analytical and conceptual thinking.
• Achievement Drive.
• Customer Service Orientation.



12 days full paided leave a year

Healthcare insurance