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  • Location: Lot 129-130, St. No. 6, Linh Trung III Export Processing and Industrial Park, An Tinh Ward, Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province,
  • Experience: 3-5years
  • Job category: Human Resource
  • Salary: Competitive salary


- Manage employee profiles and update personnel information/data throughout the staff's work
- Calculate salaries, bonuses and benefits for all employees in accordance with the company's procedures and regulations
- Carry out procedures and deduct social insurance and health insurance for employees of the company, register the employer with the management unit
- Working with social insurance and health insurance agencies to ensure that the rights and welfare of employees are fully met and accurate as prescribed
- Carry out employee disciplinary action.
- Recruitment for factories in the event of personnel fluctuations
- Implement onboarding new employees, organize staff training upon request.
- Report on labor statistics / salary periodically / unexpectedly at the request of C&B Manager, HR Director.
- Registering tax codes for employees and coordinating with the accounting department to declare and finally settle personal income tax in accordance with the law
- Manage and monitor labor contracts to re-sign labor contracts for all employees.
- Manage and update the year for all employees
- Addressing employee leave and notifying relevant departments
- Together with HR Manager review, review and update policies - regimes for employees to suit the company culture and legal regulations.
- Perform other jobs as assigned by HR Manager within the scope of responsibility of the HR Department


- Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management, Accounting, Economics or related majors.
- Priority Experience as a factory
- General knowledge of labor law / human psychology
- Effective communication / presentation skills, convincing
- Negotiation negotiations
- Access to work quickly and promptly
- Independent, withstand the pressure of work
- Desire to learn, progress, work carefully and scientifically
- Honesty and confidentiality of information relating to work
- English communication


  • 13th salary
  • 12days paid leave a year
  • laptop